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Surveillance Calf supports Neonatal gut health. Calf diarrhea and lung disease are the most common causes of death in young calves...


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Surveillance Calf

Surveillance Calf  brings every element of natures extraordinary DNA together in perfect, seamless balance. Superior performance, scientific design and masterful technology combine to create a Calf product that is giving the customer the option to not have to use antibiotics at all. This is the definitive antibiotic alternative. Surveillance Calf  supports Neonatal gut health. Calf diarrhea and lung disease are the most common causes of death in young calves. Early identification and treatment increases survival rates. And it was made for you.



The team working with caves should watch to see if calves get up when they see a member of the team. At feeding times all calves should be up and ready to eat


CALFHack: Identify the four D's
of scours and how to treat them.


Do you smell ammonia or fresh
scours - find the pen with the issue. Listen to your calves breathing - is there any labored/raspy breathing or coughing?


  • Supports the Immune System’s Front-Line Defenses*
  • Supports the development of the Gut immune system, aids digestion and protects host cells from pathogens- Colonization Resistance*
  • Supports mucosal defenses to improve barrier function*
  • Supports direct inhibition through the secretion of AMP’s*
  • Supports Competitive exclusion*
  • Provides Broad Spectrum Support for Chronic Conditions*
  • Provides Support against Digestive Upsets*
  • Uses our IPS (Immune Positioning System) Technology*
  • Egg Proteins Target Pathogenic Organisms*
  • Utilizes Diverse Strains of Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Postbiotics*

*The statements and products described on this page have not been evaluated by the USDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Barley distillers wet grains, yeast extract, zinc methionine complex, hydrolyzed yeast, sodium propionate, dried Bacillus subtilis fermentation product, Yucca schidigera extract, egg product, acetic acid (preservative) and xanthan gum (stabilizer).

Store in cool dry place. No direct sunlight