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TomaHawk iL supports Neonatal gut health. Calf diarrhea and lung disease are the most common causes of death in young calves…


Product Details

TomaHawk iL

Tomahawk iL is the next generation of product in the healthy and natural feeding of Calves. A survey of producer perspectives on management strategies and industry challenges identified Cow-Calf health as one of the biggest industry challenge. When formulating Tomahawk iL our scientists have reset every standard – each one either unimagined or believed impossible until you see the response for the first time. Tomahawk iL is unmatched by anything already in existence. A leader cannot aspire to be like anything else. The aim of MicroBasics has always been to inspire and innovate – a legacy that can only be honored by moving boldly ahead. Tomahawk iL formulation is masterfully crafted to offer our customers solutions to many of the growing consumer concerns.


It all starts in the Gut-Breakthrough Microbiome and Digestive Health

TomaHawk iL contains highly concentrated yeast culture. Yeast culture stimulates digestive microflora which positively affects dry matter intake, rumen pH, and nutrient digestibility. In the rumen, yeast culture enhances the cellulolytic or fiber digesting bacteria, leading to an increase in the rate and efficiency of ruminal fermentation.

Drive Production with Yeast’s Secret Weapon

The ability of Yeast Cell Wall to decrease the prevalence of intestinal pathogenic bacteria and to prevent their colonization in the gastrointestinal tract is well documented.

Nucleotides Speeds up Intestinal Recovery

Dietary Nucleotides have been shown to increase the maturity and growth of normal enterocytes, which are intestinal absorptive cells responsible for nutrient uptake and pathogen defense.

Supports Immune Health

I.P.S (Immune Positioning System) is a unique blend of biologically active polysaccharides and polypeptides. This is nature’s way to nutritionally assist Calves in balancing cellular function and supporting the immune system to meeting everyday challenges.

Manage Pathogens with Bacillus Strains

Bacillus subtilis and licheniformis produces large quantities of digestive enzymes to aid the digestion of feed and helps to create an environment of competitive exclusion, wherein pathogenic bacteria are excluded from space on the intestinal wall.

Yucca has Multifaceted Beneficial Properties

Feeding Yucca schidigera modifies ruminal fermentation by altering select rumen microorganism ratios. Altering these ratios results in the reduction of both high rumen ammonia and high blood urea levels.


  • Supports the Immune System’s Front-Line Defenses*
  • Supports the development of the Gut immune system, aids digestion and protects host cells from pathogens- Colonization Resistance*
  • Supports mucosal defenses to improve barrier function*
  • Supports direct inhibition through the secretion of AMP’s*
  • Supports Competitive exclusion*
  • Provides Broad Spectrum Support for Chronic Conditions*
  • Provides Support against Digestive Upsets*
  • Uses our IPS (Immune Positioning System) Technology*

*Please always consult with your Veterinarian. The statements and products described on this page have not been evaluated by the USDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Barley distillers wet grains, yeast extract, hydrolyzed yeast, sodium propionate, dried Bacillus subtilis fermentation product, yucca schidigera extract, glycyrrhiza, dandelion root, acetic acid (preservative) and xanthan gum (stabilizer).

Store in cool dry place. No direct sunlight.