Calf dis-tinc-tion excellence that sets someone or something apart from others

At Calf Distinction, we believe the future of Calf Raising means giving the customer the option not to have to use antibiotics at all.



Natural Defense

The story begins at birth! Is your colostrum program on target? As a dairy producer you don’t get a second chance with calf health.

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Surveillance Calf

Neonatal Gut Health

Calf diarrhea and lung disease are the most common causes of death in young calves. Early identification and treatment increases survival rates.

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Powered Hydration

Performance and recovery from scours depends on electrolyte powered hydration – it is crucial to keep a calf hydrated during disease challenges.

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Calf Health, Immunity and the MicroBiome

Calf Distinction products come to you with the finest natural solutions that nature has to offer. We are committed to identifying solutions from nature and providing the most advanced natural products on the market. It is quite simple, nature knows best. Our goal is to continuously improve the care of all calves.