Calf Modeling- Finding the Structure of Excellence!

Calf Modeling- Finding the Structure of Excellence!

Calf Modeling is the process of recreating excellence. We can model any human behavior by mastering their beliefs, protocols and strategies that have allowed that individual to achieve excellence in their respective field.

It is about achieving an outcome by studying how someone else goes about it. What Calf Distinction is about is trying to achieve what many others before them have attempted. We want to duplicate other individuals’ extraordinary results in calf raising. Calf Modeling involves transferring what an expert does on a consistent basis. It involves being able to produce the desired outcome and transferring those strategies to others.

Calf Distinction focuses on:

  1. what” the person does (behavior and physiology).
  2. how” they do it (internal thinking strategies).
  3. why” they do it (supporting beliefs and assumptions).

By systematically taking out elements of the model’s behavior, we can find what pieces are essential. If the process still works without that element, it is not relevant.

Until you have all the relevant pieces of a skill and the necessary sequence, you cannot implement them.

Rehearsal of the natural sequence of the skill is important. If you tried to make a calf feed by dumping each ingredient into the bunk before mixing the ingredients together, it would not work. Yet we think we can teach separate elements of skills out of sequence and out of context and succeed. Welcome to Calf Modeling!

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