Life Begins in the Gut

Life Begins in the Gut

The “gut” and its health are not only critical for digestion, but for life itself. Optimal Calf health begins with a healthy gut. We need to establish a healthy gut microbiome from birth as this will have a profound impact on a calf’s life. Most of their immune system is found in the gut. That’s why gut health is linked to immune health. All that enters the Calf’s body through the mouth goes into the digestive system, so it is a major site of invasion by viruses, bacteria, protozoa and other foreign invaders.


MicroBiome Engineering at Birth and during the Milk Phase.


  1. At birth, a calf’s microbiome is immature. Colostrum helps develop it, protecting the gut lining and helping shape the immune system should be your focus. These strategies start with timely feeding of colostrum and the Modulation of the MicroBiome.
  2. Introducing an abundance of influential species is essential for proper interaction of the calf and its microbiome and education of the immune system in the long run.
  3. During the pre-weaning stage, fortifying the liquid diet with probiotics and postbiotics, can improve proper colonization of the calf microbiome, help prevent microbial imbalance, and reduce incidence of infectious diseases.


What happens to the Calf’s Microbiome when it ingests a Pathogen?


  1. When something foreign enters the Calf’s digestive system, it triggers or starts a negative reaction in the Gut. These foreign invaders can be an antigen (virus, bacteria, protozoa) or environmental toxins.
  2. These triggers then lead to changes in the calf’s intestinal lining, intestinal inflammation, and gut barrier dysfunction. In short, the lining of the Calf’s digestive system is sort of like a screen in the window of your home.

3.The next step in this negative process is when these foreign invaders get into the body - Leakey Gut. This will often trigger diarrhea, nutrient depletions (malabsorption) and water malabsorption.


How a supplement can establish a healthy microbiome and Educate the Immune System.


  1. Help maintain gut barrier function by binding to inflammatory antigens, helps maintain gut immune balance, support the gut barrier function (screen) and improve nutrient and water utilization. Nucleotides support the intestinal tract, which has the highest rate of cellular turnover in the body, this rate being greater during periods of infection or when the gut mucosa has been damaged and is in need of repair.
  2. The immune system is the body’s means of protecting the Calf from foreign organisms or substances such as bacteria, viruses and Protozoa. The use of Immune Modulators has improved not only immune function but also growth. A sick animal doesn’t thrive as well as a healthy one will.
  3. By minimizing the burden on the immune system and the digestive lining, we improve the nutrients needed to support the function of the immune system. Hyperimmunized eggs provide several antibodies to help the fight against some of nature’s more significant infections.


Colonization of the Calf’s MicroBiome starts during and after birth. Microbes from the vaginal tract and cow environment are among the first colonizers followed by those introduced by colostrum, milk, liquid, and solid feed. Dairy producers can manipulate the early life of a calf through MicroBiome Engineering. Your future herd depends on feeding and managing the calf of today. TOMORROW STARTS TODAY!

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