There is an on-going battle in managing disease on the calf operation. On one side of the scale is immunity, or the ability of the calf to fight off disease. On the other side is the pathogen load, or the number of disease-causing bacteria and viruses presented to the calf. The lower the pathogen load on the right, the higher goes the ability to fight off disease on the left side. The calf’s immune function is one of the primary differences between a profitable and an unprofitable operation. The immune system functions to prevent entry of disease-causing organisms into the body and to eliminate these organisms after primary defense mechanisms have been breached. Maintaining the integrity of mucosal surfaces, and reducing the level of exposure of the calf to pathogens in the environment, can be accomplished through appropriate management.

Newborn Immunotherapy

Medicine is the science of disease, nutrition is the science of health. Enhanced immune function maximizes state of wellness for better growth and performance.

Calves are born with an underdeveloped immune system which is slow to respond to pathogens. Biological Response Modifiers activate immunity in less than 24 hours.

The calf is vulnerable to disease for a significant period of time at a crucial point in its development.

Immunocompetence is defined as the ability to defend oneself against potentially damaging microbes and parasites.

Biological Response Modifiers trigger a general state of enhanced immune surveillance by helping immune cells recognize various antigens that are associated with infectious disease.

Establish a Healthy Gut MicroBiome

From the moment the calf is exposed to the vaginal canal, microbiota start inhabiting the calf’s skin, respiratory system, and digestive system.

These mucosal barriers and the microbiota that develop on them may be the key factors for preventing enteric and respiratory diseases.

70% of the Immune system is in the gut. The gut is the first line of defense for a calf’s immune system.

MicroBiome Engineering- feed a high dose of diverse strains of a probiotic and prebiotic supplement as early as possible to establish the proper gut microbiome.