Starting calves off on the right hoof can set the stage for a lifetime of health and productivity. Newborn calves are immunologically naïve. In addition, calves generally have weak or slow immune responses when exposed to infectious pathogens. All of your calves have a microbiome inside them. Starting at birth to develop a strong internal environment will lead to healthy calves and better productivity later in life. The colonization of the entire GI tract, including the neonatal rumen, occurs rapidly.

Delivery is a high-risk time for both the calf and the cow. Each needs special attention, even after a smooth delivery. If there are problems during delivery even more attentive care is needed to help the cow and calf recover. Great calving management sets the dam up for a productive lactation and successful re-breeding, and the calf can start life on the right track. Reducing stress and creating a comfortable area for the cow to deliver her calf is critical for creating a successful transition cow program.

Mimic Nature in Maternity Pens

Low stress is best. A quiet nest away from the hustle of farm workers.

Minimize the spread of disease- away from other animals, especially young calves and sick cows.

The health of the newborn calf is optimized by birth in the cleanest area possible.